Cacao Mask!

Heyyyy ☺️

Okay so one of my favorite mask involves chocolate in it! It tastes delicious and does wonders to your face. Basically what this mask includes is cacao powder, rose water, and a couple drops of lemon! Cacao powder is known to have benefits in the antioxidants it has. The antioxidants help fight against the free radicals in our body or most importantly, our skin. Cacao powder also gives our face a glowing and more youthful look since its antioxidants help bring back the flow of blood to our face 🙌🏼  Rose water is a great toner for our skin and a natural ingredient to use on our face! The lemon helps in minimizing the uneven tones in our skin or any pigmentation, and most importantly an agent in fighting acne too. These are the three ingredients in our simple mask that we will be using: 

I personally don’t really set measurements when making my masks since the always vary. You can mix a tablespoon of cacao powder with a little amount of rose water until it forms a pasty texture you can apply on your face. Keep balancing the amount of these two ingredients, once you reach the right texture, squeeze a couple drops of lemon and you’re ready to apply the mixture! (YAAAAY)

In this trial my mask mixture was a bit liquidier than usual so I put it in portable box so that I can store it for later. This is such an awesome way of storage as you can use it multiple times.

Apply this mask right after you shower and when you wash it off, you will have the BEST FEELING EVER!!!

Tina xoxo


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